Full Video Conference Classrooms

Our Full Video Conference Classrooms are equipped with the latest available technology at UConn, including Blu-Ray disc players, HDMI connections for laptops, laser LCD projection, and a multi- camera video conference codec. All of the Full Video Conference Classrooms are controlled by a touch panel on the teaching station. This touch panel allows the user full control over all audiovisual features in the classroom.

Through the use of the AMX control system, classrooms are monitored for usage and automatically powered off each night to conserve power and equipment life.

You can teach a video conference class to and from these classrooms, since they include cameras pointed at the podium and at the students. You can also record/stream a lecture from these classrooms.

The Full Video Conference Classroom is one of three types of video conference classrooms at UConn. We also maintain "Teach From" Video Conference Classrooms and Video Conference Seminar Rooms.

We encourage iTV instructors to rotate their teaching location throughout the semester to make themselves more accessible to students at all campuses. Below is a list of our Full Video Conference Classrooms:

Hi-Tech Classroom Training Appointment

For questions or classroom emergencies, please contact our Academic IT Help Desk.

Help Desk: 860-486-1774

Hours (Spring/Fall):

  • Monday - Thursday 7:30 AM - 9:00 PM
  • Friday 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM

Room Features

Computer Source
Ceiling Mounted
LCD Projector
Computer Source
1 - Wired lapel Mic
Wireless available upon request
Computer Source
Dell Ultra Small
Windows 7
Computer Source
Doc Cam
Displays projects, books,
and 3D objects.
Computer Source
Instructor Camera
Camera pointed at instructor.
Computer Source
Laptop VGA
VGA Male
Connection with audio
Computer Source
Laptop HDMI
Computer Source
SMART Podium
Annotation Display
Computer Source
Blu Ray
Blu Ray Discs
Standard DVD Discs
Computer Source
Classroom Camera
Camera pointed at students seated in classroom.

Below is a list of our "Full Video Conference" classrooms:


  • BOUS A106
  • ITE 336
  • JRB 204
  • PBB 129
  • Rowe 318
  • Rowe 320
  • Storrs WW001
  • Storrs WW016
  • UTEB 150

Avery Point:

  • Academic 309
  • CPB 210
  • Marine Science 123


  • Undergrad 306


  • 215


  • 324