Kaltura Self-Service Recording and Live Streaming Walk-through

1. To being, select the “Kaltura Live Lecture Capture” button from the touch panel in the room.

kaltura live lecture capture

2. Choose whether you’d like record content, camera, or both.

camera, content, or both

3. Choose if you would like to live stream this recording.

live stream selection page

4. Type in your NetID. This will assign ownership of the recording to the NetID entered.

NetID Page

5. Verify that the name of the person’s NetID show and that the audio from the system is working. You will notice yellow bars bouncing up and down as you talk into the microphone. Press Record to being recording/streaming. If pressing record does not advance to the last screen, please call us at 860-486-1774.

verification page for kaltura recording/streaming

6. The last page gives you an overview of your initial setup and allows you to change between sources (computer/laptop/document camera/etc.). It also allows you to stop and start the live stream, pause and restart the recording, and stop everything. Please ensure that you see “Recording in Progress” at the bottom in yellow, and that you see audio levels bouncing as you’re talking.

kaltura recording/streaming overview page