Hi-Tech Classroom

Hi-Tech classrooms have ceiling mounted LCD projectors, built-in Dell computers, DVD players, Document Cameras, and a connection for a VGA laptop with a 3.5mm audio jack. All of the Hi-Tech classrooms are controlled from a touch panel, which also serves as a preview monitor.

Through the use of the AMX control system, classrooms are monitored for usage and automatically powered off each night to conserve power and equipment life.

One-on-one training is available by completing clicking the button below and completing the request form. For questions or classroom emergencies please contact our help desk.


Hi-Tech Classroom Training Appointment


For questions or classroom emergencies, please contact our Academic IT Help Desk.

Help Desk: 860-486-1774

Hours (Spring/Fall):

  • Monday - Thursday 7:30 AM - 9:00 PM
  • Friday 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM

Room Features

Computer Source
Ceiling Mounted
LCD Projector
Computer Source
1 - Wired lapel Mic
Wireless available upon request
Computer Source
Dell Ultra Small
Windows 7
Computer Source
Doc Cam
Displays projects, books,
and 3D objects.
Computer Source
Laptop VGA
VGA Male
3.5mm Audio Jack
Computer Source
DVD Player
Standard Region 1
DVD Discs


Room Instructions

Step 1: Using your finger, touch anywhere on the touch screen to power the system on.
Step 2: The available sources in this classroom are displayed on the left hand side of the touch screen. Using your finger to select the desired source, when a source is selected a preview will be available in the middle of the touch panel.
Step 3: To preview the image in full screen use your finger to touch inside the preview window. To exit full screen, touch anywhere on the screen.
Step 4: Some Hi-Tech rooms will automatically power the projector on and display the source, however some rooms may have an additional button below the preview window labeled SEND TO PROJECTOR. If the room you are using has a SEND TO PROJECTOR button you must press this button before the source will be displayed on the projector.

Hi-Tech Classroom Overview

Using the Document Camera