Digital Signage Links

Below are web previews of current active digital signage solutions around campus. Please note these previews will open in your browser window as it is currently sized, you may need to adjust the size of your browsers window to see the display as it should look.


UConn General Channel:

CLAS Advising 1:

CLAS Advising 2:


Engineering C2E2:

Engineering II:

Engineering ABB:

Engineering FLC Communications:

Engineering FLC Senior Design:

Engineering ITE Elevator:

Engineering Longley:

Engineering UTEB Front:

Engineering UTEB Rear:

Rowe First Floor Hallway:

Gentry Atrium Left:

Gentry Atrium Middle:

Gentry Atrium Right:

Gentry 128:

Gentry 123:

Hartford Campus, 38 Prospect:

Hartford Campus, Hartford Public Library – 1:

Hartford Campus, Hartford Public Library – 2:

Hartford Campus, Hartford Public Library:

Hartford Campus, Hartford Times Building:

Home Babbidge Library Video Wall:

Homer Babbidge Library Elevator:

Homer Babbidge Library Plaza North:

Homer Babbidge Library Plaza West:

InChip 1:

InChip 2:

InChip 3:

Laurel Hall Info Desk:

Math 1:

Math 2:

Math 3:

Math 4:

Rowe 4th Floor Hallway:

Rowe 3rd Floor Hallway:

Rowe 2nd Floor Hallway: