Classroom Technology

All generally scheduled classrooms follow the Hi-Tech classroom standard and feature digital technology. These classrooms are controlled by a touch panel on the teaching station, which gives the user full control over all audiovisual features in the classroom.

We maintain two types of hi-tech classrooms – basic and full. Smaller classrooms, since they have more limited space, typically follow the basic design, and the larger ones follow the full.

Room Features Basic Hi-Tech Classroom Full Hi-Tech Classroom
Ceiling Mounted, LCD Projector
x x
1 - Wired lapel Mic, Wireless available upon request
x x
Dell Ultra Small, Windows 7
x x
Wireless, Presentation
x x
HDMI & VGA Connections
x* x
Interactive Display
Interactive Annotation Display
x x
Doc Cam
Displays projects, books, and 3D objects
Blu Ray
Blu Ray Discs, Standard DVD Discs

*Laptop HDMI only

Through the use of the AMX control system, classrooms are monitored for usage and automatically powered off each night to conserve power and equipment life.

Room Instructions

  1. Using your finger, touch anywhere on the touch screen to power the system on.
  2. The available sources in this classroom are displayed in the center of the touch panel. All instructors interested in offering an AIT course are encouraged to contact us two semesters in advance. Using your finger to select the desired source.
  3. The selected source should now be showing on the projector. To view the source on the SMART Podium press the power button located in the lower left hand corner of the SMART Podium labeled "power". Once powered on the SMART Podium will show the same source that is displayed on the projection screen.