Editing Information for Videos in Kaltura

This document covers instructions about editing information about a video (i.e. name) as well as adding collaborators, captions, etc.

  1. Go into My Media from HuskyCT, locate the video you would like to edit and click Edit.

We will cover the tabs highlighted below:

Details (shown above): Fill in the various metadata fields.

  1. Name (required)
  2. Description (optional)
  3. Tags (optional): As you type there will be suggestions for tags from tags already used in this account for quick action and to encourage tag consistency.

Options: Turn on/off comments for media and turn on/off clipping for viewers.

Disabling comments and clipping will only affect media added to HuskyCT using the Publish option in Kaltura where the video is stored in the Media Gallery in HuskyCT.  If you embed a video in your course, comments will always be disabled.

Collaboration: Change owner or add/delete collaborators to each video. 

Changing the owner will move the video to that user’s My Media. You will no longer see it.  Adding an Editor will allow that person to do everything the owner can do except add/change collaborators or delete the video.  Adding a Publisher will allow that person to publish/share that video in their HuskyCT course.

Thumbnails: You can change the thumbnail (picture) of the video when it’s embedded in your course.

Downloads: You can turn on/off the ability for you and others to download your video. If you embed a video no one can download it even if this option is turned on. It’s only when you publish/share the video using the Publish option in Kaltura and the video is shared using the Media Gallery in HuskyCT.

Captions: You can upload captions file to the video if you have one.

Attachments: You can attach files to your media. Media viewers may download the file before, during or after viewing the media.

Timeline: You can add, edit, and delete chapters and slides in the Timeline Tab.  Chapters are like bookmarks in the video and can be used to navigate through the video. You can use chapters to mark the beginning of a new topic, highlight important segments, or help navigate through the content of a long video. Chapters are automatically added if you use Kaltura Capture to create a video and you use PowerPoint to display content.  A chapter is created for each new slide.

Replace video: You can replace media, and retain the entry’s metadata, URL and analytics. Only video entries can be replaced.