Lecture Capture

Lecture Capture


Instructors at UConn can record/stream and share their classroom content. UITS primarily supports Kaltura Lecture Capture (KLC). KLC is a cloud-based media capture and storage application that facilitates the integration of multi-media content into the UConn learning management system, HuskyCT. Mediasite also remains available for these capabilities but has been tentatively scheduled to be phased out by the end of the spring 2018 semester.

Live Lecture Capture: We are introducing a new enhanced self-service capability to the Kaltura Lecture Capture (KLC) service. The KLC service enables instructors to record and publish video, audio, and screen captures from their courses.  Previously, instructors had to reserve specific videoconference-enabled rooms and coordinate recordings with UITS’s Academic IT staff.  Increased demand encouraged UITS to explore service expansion and ease of use improvements.  We have elected to improve self-service capabilities for live KLC, where instructors can perform ad hoc recordings in high-tech classrooms and retrieve their files from UConn’s KLC online portal.  These new capabilities are available in select high-tech classrooms but have the potential to be scaled much more readily.  UITS, in collaboration with the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL), will explore the best practical ways to expand the self-service model of live KLC.

  • Business 106
  • Chemistry A203
  • Laurel Hall 101
  • Laurel Hall 102
  • Oak 101
  • ITE C80
  • Monteith 104
  • Pharmacy 129
  • Schenker 151
  • Storrs Hall Widmer Wing 016
  • Stamford 207
  • Avery Point Academic 308 (Summer 2018)

No advance notice is required to use the self-service KLC.

Desktop Lecture Capture: In addition to the room-based systems, we also support Kaltura CaptureSpace, desktop recording software (similar to Mediasite Desktop Recorder) that you can install on your computer to record lectures.

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