Month: November 2017

Room Scheduling Panels

Academic IT offers a digital solution for displaying the room schedule. If you would like to use this option for your conference room please follow the instructions below.

  1. Request an assessment using this request form.
  2. Purchase the following equipment
    1. Mimo MCT-10HPQ-POE-L
    2. Peerless SmartMount Universal Flat Wall Mount (MFR Part: SF630)
  3. Network Request: A network jack will need to be requested. For this request please complete this form.
  4. Calendar Link: The calendar that you use to schedule the conference room will need to have a public link created for the signage system to be able to read the event information. For this to happen you will need to request this link by using




Below is information about technology we are piloting or considering for our UConn community. You are welcome to attend demonstrations and participate in the evaluation process.

Lecture Capture

Academic IT will be adding a recording option on the touch panel that enables instructors to capture lectures on the fly.

Contact Information

Phone: (860) 486-6540


CETL has supported the use of iPads for biology lab testing.

Contact Information


Collaborative Learning

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