Downloading Mediasite Videos

Downloading Mediasite Materials

1.Head to the Mediasite Manage Portal and login with your NetID.

2.Expand the “Downloaded Courses” folder and click on your course.

3. Select on the lecture you wish to download by clicking on the title text. This will make a window pop up.

4. Click on “Delivery.”

5. Once on the Delivery tab, you will click on “Video 1” and a new dropdown will appear. You will find a link under the Distribution URL. You need to highlight the URL up until the “?playback…” part.

6. Copy and paste this URL to a new tab/window. Pause the video that is now playing in the new window. Right click anywhere on the video and select to download the video. Each browser will have a different way of asking how to save the video.

7. The video will now download to your computer where you can keep it for your records.