Connect Windows 8 to Projector

How to Port Out a PC Running Windows 8

When connecting a PC computer running Windows 8 to the classroom system the user will need to “port out” their laptop to allow the video image to appear on the projector. To port out a laptop running Windows 8 follow these steps.
1. On the keyboard press the WINDOWS key and the “C” key together. This will bring up the
Charms Menu on the right hand side of the desktop.
2. From the Charms Menus select Devices.
3. Next select Second Screen.
4. When this is selected there will be four choices that appear, PC SCREEN ONLY, DUPLICATE, EXTEND, SECOND SCREEN ONLY. Depending on preference select the appropriate choice.

Projection Connection Choices

PC Screen Only

When the Computer Only box is selected the laptop will only display an image on the laptop screen. Select this choice when not connected to a projector, or secondary display.


This option will show the same image on both the laptop and the projection screen.


When in Extended mode the projector will act as a secondary screen. This option is useful for
giving presentations where presenter notes are used in either Power Point or Keynote. The projector will only show the background image of the laptop until content is placed there or a presentation is started.

Second Screen Only

When Projector Only is selected the image will not appear on the laptop screen. This option is not useful in the classrooms.