Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop App

Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop App is a software solution that provides a one stop shop for recording a combination of your screen, webcam, and microphone. For installing and setting up the applications please visit our guide for installation and setup.


CaptureSpace has 5 different variations of recording.

  • Presentations & Lectures – This option allows for the recording of your webcam and screen as seperate sources. This is the best option to choose if recording your webcam and screen and allows for optimal viewing during playback.
  • Screen & Webcam – This option records your screen and webcam similar to before, however flattens the images down as a single video. This can cause issues if your webcam is hiding content from the screens. This method is not recommended.
  • Screen – This option is best when recording only your screen and audio but no webcam.
  • Webcam – This option is best when recording only your webcam.
  • Voice – This option is best for an only audio recording.


To begin recording using one of these methods, click on the type of recording you will use. In this example, we will use “Presentations & Lectures.” You can also watch a video about using the software.

  1. After clicking on “Presentations & Lectures” a new window will appear with all the different types of configurations available.
    1. Select the webcam and screen you wish to record (you can select up to 3 cameras using Windows but only 1 camera using Mac).
    2. Select the quality you wish to record at (recommended 720).
    3. You can either record the screen using Screen Capture or upload a presentation using Presentation. Toggle Screen Capture On to capture your entire screen or click Browse to select a presentation. Note: You can edit the recording after uploading it to HuskyCT using Screen Capture but you can’t change the slides.  You can change the slides using Presentation but you can’t edit the video after you upload it to HuskyCT, you must edit it before you upload it.
    4. Select the microphone you wish to use for audio.
  2. Once proper settings are selected, press the record button on the bottom right to begin recording.
  3. When finished recording and if you’re using Windows press alt+P to pause the recording and click “Done” to finish the recording.  If you use a Mac click on the Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder icon in the dock, then press “Pause” to pause recording or press “Done” if you’re finished recording.
  4. This will generate a new window with a preview of the recording. You have the ability to edit the recording in this preview before uploading to the server using the Trim or Chop tools. Use the trim tool to trim the beginning or end, or the chop tool to remove a section out of the middle.
  5. Once your edits, if any, have been complete, click on “Done” to finish.
  6. A new window will appear asking to give the video a name, description, and tags. It’s recommended you name it something meaningful so it’s easier to find later. You can use tags to make it easier to search for recordings later.  Feel free to fill out info as necessary and click upload. Once upload is complete, the video will show in your “My Media” portal for Kalutra where you can embed, share, or even create a quiz with the video.


The library tab will contain a list of videos that you’ve recorded using the CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder. You can edit and upload the videos you create from this tab.


The settings page contains application settings such as webcam and microphone settings. You will also find the recording quality options here.


The help tab contains version info, an option to collect logs, and find which user is currently logged into the platform. The logs option will be used to help troubleshoot any issues you have with the application.

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