How to embed and share Kaltura videos in HuskyCT

This page gives details about adding Kaltura content to your course in HuskyCT. It assumes that you already have content created or uploaded on your “My Media” page. If you have not already created content in you Kaltura portal, please follow one of the guides to do so.

1. To begin, log into HuskyCT and enter your course.

2. Click on the ‘Build Content’ button and select Kaltura Media under Mashups.

kaltura media

3. A new window appears with the option to select a video that is listed in your ‘My Media’ tab. Click on the select button for the video you’d like to add.

blackboard select video

4. After selecting the media, give the content a name, and a description if necessary. You can also choose other options such as display dates and tracking via the ‘Options’ segment.

blackboard options