How to edit videos in Kaltura

This guide assumes that you already have content upload into the Kaltura portal.

1. Go to HuskyCT and click on My Media or go to Mediaspace, click on Guest and click My Media to login.

2. Select the edit button to open the editable options window.

blackboard edit

3. There are a number of editable fields available.

  • Details – Allows for the editing of name, description and tags.
  • Options – Allows comments and clipping options
  • Collaboration – Allows the option to enable someone else to edit or publish your videos.
  • Attachments – Allows for the addition of files (such as slides, pdfs, etc.) to be added alongside the video.
  • Captions – Allows for the upload of caption files. UConn does not provide any caption service or software directly, however, there are vendors which caption service can be purchased.
  • Thumbnails – Allows for the changing of the thumbnail preview in the video.
  • Downloads – Allows the downloading of the video file.
  • Timeline – Allows for chapters to be created within the video.  Also, if you used the Presentation option using “Presentations & Lectures” you can replace, add, delete slides here.
  • Replace Video – Allows for the video to be replaced by a new video either via upload or from a URL.  Note: You will not see “Replace Video” tab if you used the Presentation option under “Presentations & Lectures.”  You will see this if you selected “Screen Capture” instead.
  • Trim Video – Allows for the trimming of the beginning, end, or both, of the video. Please note that current functionality prevents the trimming of the middle of a video. You can only trim the beginning and the end (i.e. If you record a video and make a mistake in the middle, there is no way to edit that middle section out.) Note: You will not see “Trim Video” tab if you used the Voice option for recording or the Presentation option under “Presentations & Lectures.”  You will see “Trim Video” if you selected “Screen Capture” under “Presentations & Lectures” or recorded the Webcam.
  • Create Clip – Allows for a clip of the video to be created as a new video.