How to allow others to edit your Kaltura Videos

1. Go to HuskyCT and click on My Media or go to Mediaspace, click on Guest and click My Media to login.

2. Click on the edit box of the video you’d like to share editing privileges with.

edit media option

3. Click on the Collaboration tab, then click Add Collaborator.

collaboration tab

4. Type the name of the person you wish to add as a collaborator and click add. This will give them access to edit and/or publish the videos.

collab pop up

5. Instruct this new collaborator that they can view and edit the content by logging into HuskyCT and go to MyMedia or log directly into Mediaspace and navigating to their media. They will need to change the drop-down menu of “View Media I own” to “Media I Can Edit” or “Media I Can Publish”

Media I can edit