How to add captions to a video in Kaltura

1. Go to HuskyCT and click on My Media or go to Mediaspace, click on Guest and click My Media to login.

2. Click on the title of the video that you wish to add captioning to open it.

video selection

3. Below the video on the right hand side click “Actions” and select “Order Captions”.

order captions

4. You can select different captioning options depending on your allowed options. The “Mechanical 70 to 80%” option is the only option currently configured, and is free of charge.

edit captions options

6. Click on the order captions to confirm your selection and the captions should be added within one business day.

Once your captions are complete, follow this guide to learn how to edit them.

If professional caption services are needed, UConn has a contract in place with 3Play media. Follow these instructions to create an account, then contact us to link your account to Kaltura.