How to add a quiz to a pre-existing video in Kaltura

Kaltura has the ability to add simple quizzes into videos which you have already created or uploaded into the Kaltura platform. To learn about how to use the Kaltura Interactive Quizzes, head to Kaltura’s website for Interactive Video Quizzes or use this simplified guide below.

1. Login to HuskyCT and access ‘My Media’

My Media

2. From the ‘Add New’ drop down, select ‘Video Quiz.’

add quiz

3. Select the video you’d like to create a quiz with by clicking on the select button.

select quiz

4. Clicking on the 3 vertical buttons opens up the quiz options where you can edit things such as the name, welcome message, allowing viewers to change answers, and many more options.

quiz options

5. Once you are finished with your quiz, click on the preview button to ensure there are no errors and it looks as you intend. There is no need to press save as all of your edits are saved as you work on it. You can now embed the quiz into HuskyCT using the embed guide.