Accessing Recordings in Mediaspace

This page goes over how to access your recording after a live stream event or lecture capture is over in Mediaspace. You can also do this in HuskyCT.

1. Go to Mediaspace and login

2. Click on your name drop down (upper right) and click on My Media.

my media

3. Click on the blue “View Media I own” drop down and select either “Media I can publish or Media I can edit.” Both will bring you to requested live stream or recorded events.

Filter Media

4. To share a weblink to this video, click on the video thumbnail or title of the video.

thumbnail or title

5. Below the video on the right, use the “Actions” menu to select publishing.

actions publish

6. Make sure “unlisted” is the option selected.

publish setting

7. Lastly, use the share menu to view a weblink you can share with others.

web link share