How To Upload Video Files into Kaltura

Uploading from HuskyCT or Kaltura Mediaspace

1. Go to HuskyCT and click on My Media or go to Mediaspace, click on Guest and click My Media to login.

2. Click on the Add New button and select Media Upload

media upload

3. Press on the “Choose a file to upload” button and navigate to the file located on your computer.

choose file

4. After selecting the file you wish to upload, it will start uploading to the Kaltura platform. You will have a progress bar showing the status of the upload. Depending on file size and connection speed, your upload time will vary.

5. Name the video and enter any details you wish for the description and click save.  It’s recommended you name it something meaningful so it’s easier to find later. You can use tags to make it easier to search for recordings later.  Feel free to fill out info as necessary and click Save. Once the upload is complete, the video will show in your “My Media” portal for Kalutra where you can embed, share, or even create a quiz with the video.