WePresent Wireless Presentation Gateway

AIT has installed a new device in each lecture hall. The device is called WePresent, and it allows a presenter to wirelessly share content to the projector in the classroom without being bound to the podium. The WePresent allows a user to connect their device (iPhone, Android, MacBook, PC) to the WePresent’s wireless network. Then using either MirrorOp or AirPlay, the users can have the projector mirror their device, allowing them to walk around the room and interact more closely with students.

Up to four users may project at the same time via the MirrorOp application. MirrorOp is a free download from your device’s app store or from MirrorOp’s website.


How to Connect to WePresent from Windows, Mac, Android, or iPhone


How to Connect to WePresent from a Macbook using AirPlay: