How to add remote viewers to your class or conference and allow interaction


I will be presenting material and will need others to be able to interact with what I am presenting. The people joining remotely will connect via a desktop computer, or video conference system.

Recommended Option

  1. Contact the Registrar to reserve a Full or “Teach From” video conference classroom or conference room.
  2. After you have secured one of these rooms, fill out the Video Conference Request form.
  3. After completing the form, you will receive an email within 3 business days, including a web link that you can share with the remote viewers and instructions on using the room.

Alternative Option: Web Conferencing (WebEx/WebRTC)

If you are unable to secure one of the rooms mentioned above, you can use this alternative option to record your personal computer. Please note that you will need a microphone and webcam for your computer in order to connect with the remote participants. The microphone and web cam used will determine audio/video quality of the connection, generally built-in laptop microphones provide poor quality audio and are not recommended. We do not have any spare microphone or web cams to loan out. We recommend using the Logitech C920 web cam with built in microphone.


  1. Choose which version of WebEx will work best for you from the details listed on the WebEx Page.
  2. To see how to schedule a WebEx meeting you can follow the steps listed on Cisco’s Page.
  3. We advise testing the WebEx connection with your remote participants by scheduling a test time before the actual event.
  4. On the day of the event, open the WebEx connection with remote participants and proceed with the event.