How do I allow remote participants to view my class or conference without interaction?


There are students/participants in my class/conference who cannot physically be present. I’d like for them to watch the presentation, but it is not necessary for them to interact with me or the other participants.

Recommended Option

  1. Contact the Registrar to reserve a Full or “Teach From” video conference classroom or conference room.
  2. After you have secured one of these rooms, fill out the Streaming/Recording request form.
  3. After completing the form, you will receive an email about 2 weeks before your event, including instructions to view the live stream and information on retrieving the on-demand link for viewing after the event.

Alternative Option: On-demand (not live streaming)

If you are unable to secure one of the rooms mentioned above, you can use this alternative option to record your personal laptop. Please note that you will need a microphone for your laptop in order to record your audio. The microphone used will determine audio quality of the recording, generally built-in microphones provide poor quality.

Mediasite Desktop Recorder

The Mediasite Desktop Recorder is software that UConn faculty, staff, and students can use to easily record and upload presentations. These presentations can then be shared with anyone via a web link for on-demand playback. You can find instructions for installing and using the software from CETL’s Educational Technologies department.