Respondus Introduces “Help Center” for LockDown Browser

Respondus, Inc. recently introduced a new “Help Center” feature for LockDown Browser.  The tool is integrated with the LockDown Browser.  Its features are comprehensive, easy to use and well documented.

Students can find the “Help Center” tool in the browser toolbar, after logging in to HuskyCT (see screenshot).


Let’s take a look at two important features included in Help Center.

  • Run System Check
  • Access Student Knowledgebase

The “Run System Check” feature allows students to quickly test their local environment for compatibility with LockDown Browser.  The tool runs a series of tests, including, but not limited to bandwidth, latency and open ports.

After the test completes, summary results will be displayed at the top of page (see screenshot).


If the device passed a particular test, it will be noted with a green check mark (as shown above).  Failures are reported with a red x symbol.

Diagnostic information related to the test is displayed in the bottom section of the page.

Students have several options after the test completes – Return to Course, Email Results, Knowledge Base.  If all tests are passed, simply click on the “Return to Course” button.


If any tests failed, students can search the new LockDown Browser knowledge base for potential solutions.  This view of the knowledge base is only accessible from within the Help Center tool.  An alternate knowledge base can be found on the Respondus website and is accessible from a standard web browser.

Some issues may require assistance from the ITS Help Center or HuskyCT team.  To expedite a technical review, students can email system check results to their mailbox, then forward to  Doing so, will automatically generate a service request and associate it to the student’s NetID.

While there is an option to copy a secondary email address when sending results, this is discouraged, as the ticket would not be associated with the student’s NetID.  

If you’re enrolled in a HuskyCT course this semester and the instructor plans to use LockDown Browser, we highly recommend running the system check tool in advance of your first exam.  Be sure to also check out our HuskyCT Test Taking Tips!